Saturday, January 24, 2009

1. What exactly is Namelia-J?
Namelia-J is what we call a "life blog". It has everything the typical teenage girl needs -- from advice on hair care products, to the latest must-haves, to even (to a certain extent) dating advice. Think of it as an interactive take on a fashion magazine -- but minus all the nonsense of hitting the bookstores and digging through your wallets each time you require your monthly dosage.

2. Why Namelia-J?
Mostly because we have the time; but also because we know that somewhere out there live other girls who (such as ourselves) grow restless with the need for good, solid help -- girls who tire of waiting for the latest issue of their favourite magazine to finally hit the stands once a month.

3. What is the difference between Namelia-J and NameliaZ?
Namelia-J and NameliaZ are two entirely different sectors of the whole Namelia franchise. While Namelia-J handles the actual life-blog as well as all our funky cool articles, NameliaZ is a brand of merchandise.

4. When do you update Namelia-J?
Namelia-J is updated whenever we (the founders) are stuck with inspiration. We don't exactly have a fixed schedule in mind, but we'll definitely make it a habit to post new articles every now and then; so make sure you stay tuned. ;)

5. Why does it take such a very long time for Namelia-J to update?
Each post Namelia-J comes up with is scrutinized as well as polished profusedly before actually being published simply to meet our standards. Though writing a single article seems easy enough, it actually takes an entire day for us to go through the scratches, as well as to edit out everything we find necessary.

6. I've read through Namelia-J and, apparently, I have come across quite a few grammatical errors. Whats the deal with that?
We're all human and its perfectly natural of us to make mistakes once in a while; but the fact of the matter is that we're just a group of teenage girls. Unlike most magazines whose editors happen to be big-time college graduates, Namelia-J is written entirely by three seventeen (on the verge of turning eighteen) year old girls, and a single fifteen year old one.

We apologize for the excessive use of words such as "so" and "like" as well; but unless one were to volunteer to be our BETA reader (for free), our apology (as well as a more frequent turn to the books) is all we have to offer for the time being.

7. Where did you get this blog template from??
Got it? Hunny, I'm sorry to say, but this template is available nowhere else; for, you see, it was made from scratch by our very own web genius, Hajer!

8. When will NameliaZ actually come up with some merchandise?
We're definitely working on that, people, so, please, have patience with us regarding this one. Most of our products are specially hand made, so as you can tell, it may take a while. For the time being, though, please delight yourself with the Namelia-J section of our blog.